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          Steyning Grammar School Steyning Grammar School

          Staff Contacts

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          Upper School: 01903 814555

          Church Street: 01903 814786

          Rock Road: 01903 744884

          Boarding: 01903 817601

          Main Email: sgs@sgs.uk.net

          More contact details


          Staff Contacts

          Please find listed below the key staff contacts and their e-mails:


          Leadership Team:

          Mrs Natasha Nicol, Co-Headteacher:  nnicol@sgs.uk.net

          Mr Noel Kennedy, Co-Headteacher:  nkennedy@sgs.uk.net

          Mrs Joanne Burroughs, Business Manager:   jburroughs@sgs.uk.net

          Mrs Sarah Carroll, Deputy Headteacher, Head of Key Stage 3:  spilling@sgs.uk.net

          Mr Andrew Wood, Deputy Headteacher:  awood@sgs.uk.net

          Mr Tom Leighton, Deputy Headteacher and Director of Boarding: tleighton@sgs.uk.net

          Mrs Claire Monahan, Assistant Headteacher: cmonahan@sgs.uk.net

          Mr Luke Talbot, Assistant Headteacher: ltalbot@sgs.uk.net

          For contact details for the Pastoral Leaders and Faculty Leaders and the communication flowchart if you have a concern please click link below:

          Key Staff Contacts 2019-2020
          > Download (pdf)

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