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          Steyning Grammar School Steyning Grammar School

          Parents Information

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          Upper School: 01903 814555

          Church Street: 01903 814786

          Rock Road: 01903 744884

          Boarding: 01903 817601

          Main Email: sgs@sgs.uk.net

          More contact details


          Parents Information

          For issues concerning your child please use the attached document to find the right person to talk to. 

          Guidance re Complaints.

          As responses to complaints are time-lined in school days, both for day and boarding, in the light of the current climate - COVID-19 - any current complaints will be looked at when we re-open fully, at which point you will be sent a new timeline.

          If your concern relates to a safeguarding matter, please email dsl@sgs.uk.net



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